Weather 4D 2022 training

A Weather 4D training to deepen the possibilities of the application, proposed by Francis Fustier .

Several possible formats:

  • two hours for two; each asks his personal questions one hour then listens to the other the next hour. Price: €50 each.
  • three hours for two, same conditions. Price €75 each.
  • a day for three or four people on the same principle. Price: €300 to be shared

Francis has been hosting AIP members for four years now. A born pedagogue, he gives remarkable advice. Come with his iPad, Francis will make you a greyhound.

He now receives us at his home in Saint-Nazaire.

Proposed dates: March 4-5-11-12, 2022.

Before registering, contact me: Xavier to set dates and price. You can pay using multiples of €25, depending on the type of training chosen and the number of participants.

Registration on

Don’t forget to renew your AIP membership:

Update of 06/02/2022

Registered (2-hour formula)

Dated Name1 Name 2


Registered (3-hour formula)

Saturday, March 5 afternoon Claude Nos Xavier Poncet


Registered (day formula)

Dated Name1 Name2 Name3 Name4


Xavier’s Advice (X-Ray)

Dare Weather 4D!

Many of us have Adrena routing software on our chart table. What remains the must for ocean races is not necessarily suitable for our summer cruises even if they may turn out to be offshore…

Having a backup on a tablet, which moreover, can be moved in the cockpit, is therefore a plus.

The app

Weather4D Routing & Navigation, for iOS (iPad/iPhone), the first integrated map navigation, weather and routing application developed in France, offers all navigation functions: waypoints, routes, tracks and supports many maps including those of official hydrographic services (Shom, UKHO). Connected to the instruments by NMEA Wifi interface, if available, it displays AIS targets and manages alarms.


  • An IPad AIR 3 wifi +cellular with at least 128 GB of memory can be found used for around 250 €. Super value for money, far from the new overpriced models. Please note, only the wifi+cellular model has a GPS, even if the use of a SIM card is not required for our application.
  • Waterproof protection: not necessary but reassuring. A wave came so quickly… Expensive but effective. Count 250 €. Bonus: a system of three suction cups with a ball joint will allow you to fix it and orient it outside.
  • External backup batteries: easy to find, inexpensive and now large capacity.
  • Cartography: a simple annual subscription by GeoGarage . For example: SHOM for the whole of France €59.99 and/or its counterpart UKHO for the English coasts €69.99.
  • Weather subscription: annual €37.99.


Francis Fustier: the remarkable blog of Francis that I strongly advise you to consult. A mine of excellent advice:

Free books on the AppleStore by designer Olivier Bouysou: . Two books full of educational, simple and clear tutorials: Weather4D Routing and Navigation and Weather Tutorial that you can consult at leisure at sea by downloading it to your Ipad beforehand.


Training has been regularly offered for four years to members of the AIP up to date with their dues at Francis’ home, now in Saint-Nazaire. He is a born pedagogue: from the simple neophyte to the eater of plays, everyone finds his account there for a very modest cost.

Three days out of the four offered this year are still available on our site. It’s up to you to enjoy it before the release of our toys. Register quickly

Sincerely , Xavier (X-Ray)

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