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Association Internationale Pogo

It was founded in 1997 and aims to :

  • to bring together the owners of the different series of Pogo as well as anyone interested in these boats;
  • to promote navigation on these sailboats;
  • to define the sailing rules and the regulations specific to each series of Pogo.
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CA 2023



  • Xavier Poncet, president;
  • Emmanuel Liron, vice-president and webmaster;
  • Benoit Le Masson, secretary;
  • Agnès Gach, treasurer;
  • Claude Bailly, gathering Carteret, trainings.
  • Henri Gourmelon, gathering Douarnenez.


  • Claude Nos, trainings;
  • Giuseppe Denti, Mediterranean basin.
  • Xavier Rouault, offers, races.

90 members

AIP Pogo’s around the world

Please find herafter the AIP Locator (AIP members’ Pogo ordered by class) :

AIP Locator

It’s a global map, even covering California (thank you Peter).

It’s a homeport locator, not a boat locator as AIP Mapping is (with AIS too).

Be careful because some of the pins mask the others. You have to zoom in and click on them to see how many boats are there.

So, thanks to you, who sail all over the world, the sun never sets on the AIP.


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