Channel Pogo Meeting 2023

Association Internationale Pogo and Yacht Club Barneville-Carteret invite you to Channel Pogo Meeting 2023 in Barneville-Carteret on June 17 and 18 Friday, June 16: Crews are welcomed and have dinner at the Yacht-Club restaurant. Saturday June 17 : High Tide 07H49, 20H06 A regatta course in the Channel Islands will be determined according to the […]

Loctudy 2023 Pogo Gathering

The AIP in partnership with APLOC and AUPPL is organising the first Pogo meeting in Loctudy open to all boats. Sailing together on this magnificent stretch of water in the Bigouden region and opening our cockpits to local sailors to get to know each other on land and on the water around our passion boat. […]

2023 Wheater4D trainings

Hello, We are setting up a Weather 4D training course in Saint Nazaire with Francis Fustier. We propose the following dates (a bit late): Update March 2, 2023 January 14, 2023 PM Claude Nos Xavier Poncet February 25, 2023 all day long Bruno Bessec Henri Mosnier Patrick Avalle March 25, 2023 PM April 1, 2023 […]

2023 NKE trainings

Hello, We are setting up a training course on the use of the NKE control unit, with a particular focus on the settings of the automatic pilot, conducted by NKE in Lorient (Port de Kernevel). Update: we propose the following date: 25 March 2023 a.m., remaining places (out of 4). Price : 75€ per person […]

La Sénane 2023

The Association “Voiles en Cap Sizun” proposes a regatta on 27 May 2023, around the island of Sein. There will be a ranking and even a special Pogo prize! More information will be available soon.  

Implementation of bilingual profiles

Hello everyone, I have launched a new version of the login and profile pages, which can be used in either French or English. The basic profile is that of our store: addresses, orders, etc… It is personal and is intended for the administrators of the site. It is accessible through the small icon: in the […]

Happy New Year 2023!

Dear friends The AIP office wishes you a great new year of sailing. May the winds be favorable to you on our beautiful boats! The new board, appointed at the end of the General Assembly in December, is already hard at work. We have the pleasure this year to welcome two new members: Henri Gourmelon […]

Scotland 2022

Our spring cruise Pogo, like every year, held a few surprises for us! After Spain and Portugal last year, we chose to take an alternate route this year and head north. Our goal was, depending on the weather, to sail as fast as possible to Scotland towards Oban and Tobermory and visit the beautiful Hebrides. […]


Orca Iberica

POGO 10.50 Boulegan (ex Dranga) Hervé, after acquiring my Pogo 10.50, undertook to take it, from Douarnenez, to the Mediterranean. He met the orcas on his way out of La Coruña. He tells us here his adventure, thanks to him. The report he made will certainly be of interest to those who will take this […]