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    As some of you may have noticed, the Volvo D1-20 engine takes up a lot of the engine hold of the Pogo 30, and access to the oil filter and oil drain tube, located on the right-hand side, is very difficult.
    In the words of the Volvo agent in La Rochelle, “on Pogo and JPK models, it takes 45′ longer to change the oil”. At the yard, Laurent Oudin is more optimistic, claiming that everything is accessible from the rear hatch, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to be as clever as him..
    Have any of you found a practical way to change the oil and filter, or are you dreaming, like me, of cutting out the starboard bulkhead of the engine hold and fitting a hatch (Osculati type, opening 198×295 mm).
    Thanks for your feedback!

    Xavier (X-RAY)

      Hello François

      Excellent suggestion

      i’ll take a look at my Volvo supplier next time. He has never complained about the cramped conditions but I agree that he is very good!

      thanks again for your post.
      For those looking for the booster pump for their Eberspächer heater to send it to Saint Herblain for servicing, look no further: it’s hidden in the foam in that space behind the engine … I know, it took me a day to discover it!

      with kind regards


        Great job!

        Xavier (X-RAY)

          Hello François How old is your boat and have you checked/replaced your exchanger?


          Built in 2015, so 7 years old.
          Regular engine maintenance, but no particular check of the exchanger. Do you have any experience with this and a recommendation?

          Xavier (X-RAY)

            Same age! I’m having work done at the end of March and will keep you informed of the work done on the exchanger. On my ex 8.50, it was a cast-iron elbow, a wearing part that tended to get clogged, which is why I had to check it periodically, or even replace it if it corroded.


              I’m very late in replying to your post Francois. I do my own oil changes (it avoids ending up with an oil level above the maximum) and I concede that access is difficult and done blindly. With a little practice, it’s easy. Still, the trapdoor is a good idea, and it’s regrettable that it’s not original. It’s just important that it doesn’t hinder the handling of the gennaker that I store in this part of the sail locker. Thanks for the info.

              Frédéric Pogo 30 Max

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