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      Question by Jean-Marie

      How can I check the tension of the shrouds and forestay on a Pogo 30?

      I recently asked an employee of Lalou Multi chantier based in Le Verdon sur mer. He only carried out a visual and “feeling” check, by manipulating the shrouds by hand …

      The Structures yard tells me that I can’t do it myself, that I need to contact someone who knows about rigging with very high spreaders and carbon masts!


        Reply from Xavier

        Hello Jean Marie

        I’m not at home, so I’d like to know where your home base is.

        Like you, 3 years ago when I bought my 30 second-hand in Brest, I asked myself a lot of questions about how to adjust my carbon mast! The first time I was surprised by the owner of a JPK, who climbed aboard and told me in a peremptory tone: “Your inters are so soft you could bungee jump! 🙄

        Passing through La Trinité, I called on a trimmer I knew. He started by setting my mast straight! Which was not the case….

        A year later, when I called on a professional mast and sail trimmer for AIP training courses, I was stunned: sailing over 300 days a year for more than fifteen years, and a professional sailmaker by trade, he told me that my forestay was as soft as chalk, and that if I wanted to sail better upwind, I’d have to armor it. In less than two minutes he told me exactly how many half-turns I should tighten two shrouds and loosen the third by half a turn. Doing the same thing on the other side, of course. Then checking that the mast was perfectly straight on the mainsail side. To sum up, my mast is out of whack. It has a strong quest from the spreaders. Looking at a friend’s 36 next to me in the Azores, which is a rocket, I realize that its profile is the same as mine, modified. This confirmed my choice!

        I have a non-EVO carbon mast with pushrods and no backstay.

        Here you go

        We’ve launched registration for a new course in Lorient in October. If, like me, you don’t understand 3D GSE tuning at all, this course is for you, and mast tuning can be covered.

        Happy sailing. Looking forward to meeting you

        Xavier for AIP

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