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    I’m offered to use an almost new asymmetric spinnaker on my Pogo 30, having ordered one for a Dufour 335. The size seems right, and the cut and weight suit me perfectly.

    To remove any ambiguity about the size, who would own an asymmetric spinnaker cut specifically for a Pogo 30, preferably with an “old” generation carbon mast (2015), preferably cut for inbound gaits, and could send me its dimensions? At least the luff length?

    Thank you.

    Xavier (X-RAY)

      Hello François, I’d like to reply as I have a 2015 asy but it’s currently being washed in Crac’h with my other sails. See our special offers on the site reserved for members with a negotiated rate for professionals.

      It should be noted that this depends on the length of the bowsprit exit, which is adjusted by the dyneema end acting as the under-barb. The knot in the anchor gag is easily undone, as it is cleverly tied. This allows the carbon rope to be removed during wintering, sparing it unnecessary UV exposure. The shipyard recommends two outlet lengths: regatta and cruising LOL

      I could probably answer your luff length question more precisely, as I have another headsail that I could measure. Here again, it depends of course on the height of your furler. Do you want to contact me? Best regards Xavier


      Hello Xavier,
      Thanks for your message.
      I was a little desperate for an answer to my post, and taking advantage of a short visit on Sunday to the Salon Nautique, I asked an Incidences representative, who should provide me with the info.
      Nowhere did I see a double bowsprit length recommendation, especially in the manual published by the yard. But I’ve got into the habit of extending the bowsprit at what seems to me to be a length close to the max. length, i.e. 1.50 m beyond the stem. In this configuration, I measured a distance of 13.25 m between the spinnaker halyard exit and the end of the bowsprit, which could represent around 13.00 m between the tack and the halyard point, from which you’d probably have to subtract another 30 or 40 cm for the masthead sock (no furler). And so, for a distance of around 12.60-12.70 m between halyard and tack, I’m guessing that the luff of an asymmetric spinnaker in A2 cut (downhaul spinnaker) should be between 13 m and 13.50 m, maybe even a little more. I hope to have confirmation soon.

      Xavier (X-RAY)

        Regatta or not? From memory, 1.30m in Osiris, but check their website. On the other hand, as the federation only recognizes two types of 30 at the moment, it’s quite funny because I personally count five! When cruising, you can take out what you want but be careful with a laminated Code Zero of less than 50m2 your carbon bowsprit has an annoying tendency to go sideways… After 15n of real wind it sucks. Sincerely

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