Douarnenez meeting, and that’s the third one!


Twelve Pogo (plus our vice-president’s J120) took part in the Douarnenez meeting, the third one of the year after those of Carteret and Loctudy.

One Pogo 12.50, three Pogo 36, four Pogo 30 and four Pogo 8.50 took part.

Friday 1st September 2023

The flotilla gathered in Tréboul Harbour (Douarnenez, face to the gorgious Tristan island). Three pontoons had been reserved to accommodate the boats.

At the end of the afternoon, a festive drink gathered all the crews, with the exception of MOANA, wich would not arrive until late in the night from Lorient. We had a lot of opportunities to get to know each other.


Saturday 2nd September

After the traditional breakfast/briefing at the Winches Club, we set off at 10 am with the goal of rounding the Basse Vieille, then the Basse du Lys and back (a course of 35 NM).

Most of the course was beam reach, with a steady force 3 wind that enabled the course to be completed in six hours. The boats stayed so close together that they were able to take pictures of each other and exchange some great shots afterwards.
At 6pm, the AIP set up the aperitif and the 40 crew members began a long debriefing of this splendid day, which ended in the night after a tasty couscous and a prize-giving ceremony awarded by drawing lots.

Sunday 3rd September

This new day of sunshine and joy began with the sacrosanct breakfast/briefing. The course was limited to a round trip to Basse Vieille (21 NM), which should have allowed to be back for lunch. But the wind died down. Some on the boats had to leave the fleet to start their return trip. The others could reach back Douarnenez only after 3.30pm, and could not enjoy the convivial meal of the previous day’s leftovers ?.

No matter, during this magnificent weekend, ocean racers, saltysea dogs and epicurean cruisers merged with good mood to share their passion and exchange lots of information to increase the pleasure of sailing a Pogo.

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