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    Good morning

    We have now been Pogo 8.5 owners for 500 miles since June 2020. Based in the North of Scotland we are now looking ahead to winter and ask if anyone has details of a boat cradle – photographs or drawings they could share to help with the design. Any measurements are also appreciated.

    The intention is also to upgrade the sail plan over the winter. Probably new mainsail, gennoa(#1). We have furling head sail at present but may move to wire for racing. Any info on polars, new sails, sail makers are also appreciated.

    Free Bird - July 2020 - Moray Firth

    Xavier (X-RAY)

    Hi Colin,

    Best wishes to Free Bird!

    For your intention to upgrade the sail plan and got 8,50 polar could you send me a mail to : president@assopogo.net

    Best regards . Bon vent belle mer


2 sujets de 1 à 2 (sur un total de 2)
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