Access to AIP Forums

The Pogos forum and the Crew Exchange are public, the Navigation forum is reserved for AIP members.

Contribute to forums

AIP members have an account to connect to the site. For the others, and in order to avoid spam, you must create an account on the site:

Everyone can customize their profile. By default, the nickname will be composed of the first name followed by the name of the boat.

Please note:

  • it is possible to add images to your message.
  • it is possible to subscribe to a forum, you will receive an email each time a new topic is published. Likewise, it is possible to subscribe to a topic and receive an e-mail when a reply is proposed.


For the proper functioning of the forums, it is recommended to translate your topic or response immediately. It’s very simple:

  • Open your topic or response;
  • Change to French;
  • Edit your topic or answer (“Modifier”);
  • Translate the title (do not forget) and the text;
  • Submit (“Envoyer”)

Attention: when the original is modified again, the translation is replaced by a copy of the modified original! The previous translation is therefore lost.