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Pouvez-vous m'aider à naviguer cet été avec un spi? 🙂 I want to buy an Asymmetric Spinnaker for Firefly. (P36) To do so I need to sell some winches first... Can you help me sail this summer time with a spinnaker? 🙂 I have six (6) as new Andersen Winches still in their packaging. I bought them 4 years ago for a project, and then decided to just buy Firefly instead. Now I need to sell the winches before I am allowed to buy a spinnaker. Do you need (is not likely I know), but maybe you know someone who needs new winches for their boat? Selling considerably below the cheapest price I can find in the internet. Prefer to sell in pairs. 4x 40ST FS - €750 each. 2x 52ST FS -€1500 each.
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